Other Solo RPG Systems and Helpful Supplements:

The 9Q’s – A solo RPG engine by John Fiore that was created based on screenwriting techniques.

Perilous Intersections – A solo RPG engine by Roryb Bracebuckle that sets “dials” to create scenes that matter.

Tiny Solitary Soldiers Solo RPG – A solo RPG engine designed by a tabletop wargamer.

Thunderegg Productions – creator of Character Webs a fantastic counterpoint to UNE, and hopefully many more generators in the future!

Rory’s Story Cubes – for when you need a generator, or have a question, and have no idea. These are available in physical and digital form.

Chaotic Shiny – amazing generators for almost anything!

Mythic GM Emulator – one of the cornerstone engines of solo RPGs. Conjecture Games would not exist without this work.

Oculus – exploring new parallel universes in a sexy tri-fold format.

Strolen’s Citadel – an amazing resource for GM’s, and of course solo players.


Lone Wolf Roleplaying – a G+ community based on solo roleplaying. The amount of theory discussion is well worth checking out the site alone, but there are also rules ideas and actual plays galore.

RPG Solo – an amazing online tool to play a solo RPG with the generators right there in a console, including Mythic and bits of the Tiny Solitary Soldiers engine.

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