The Enemy Modes

Enemies are one of the standards in tabletop roleplaying because the presence of enemies presents conflict. A most  basic enemy is a mechanical affront to a character sheet (i.e., a goblin with a 1d4 dagger). Going upwards from that rock bottom, the enemies will start to try and affect the … Continue reading

Powderkeg Hamlet Adventure

One of the easiest adventures for a tabletop RPG is to create a situation between a couple people and let the PC’s become the catalyst for change. For the story’s exposition introduce the NPC’s, and make sure to put their prejudices and feelings on their sleeve. Afterall, the PC’s seem like … Continue reading

The Ruler’s Realm

Spaces often mirror the ruler of that space’s personality. A bright and tidy house might reflect a cheerful, self-controlled homeowner. An office space filled with trash might reflect someone depressed with their job. Expanding outwards, a company might reflect the CEO, or a city might reflect the Mayor. This simple concept … Continue reading