The Thief’s Night Out

“What do you do that night?” This question is often asked at the table before the GM cuts a scene and says the mighty words “the next day…” In a mechanical sense, players answer the question with adventure preparation or advancement for their PC’s. Polish armor, buy potions, check with … Continue reading

How She Was Made

This example showcases the combination of UNE and BOLD by providing more depth as to the character’s motivations. Namely, what event has scarred or reinforced the character’s motivations just so. Why does the character act this way? It is a very quick and dirty way to create a character history … Continue reading

The Attritioning

Attrition is a fundamental part of any long-term conflict. If the PC’s are fully healed and equipped each combat it’s going to be much less stressful than if they need to decide whether to use a daily power in this fight or the one that is probably around the corner. … Continue reading