Conjecture Games began in 2007 after Tom Pigeon startled the RPG world with the Mythic GM Emulator. UNE – the universal NPC emulator – was created shortly thereafter because Zach Best, founder of Conjecture Games, perceived a weakness in Mythic’s creation and use of NPC’s. Zach felt that NPCs were so vital to tabletop roleplaying games that they should have a supplement tailored specifically to create and use them. He went beyond the normal character generators to ensure that UNE would be system and setting agnostic. It would work in a science fiction game as well as a sword and magic fantasy game.

From UNE, Zach began to look at other areas where solo roleplaying could be improved. In 2013 he began work on BOLD, a system and setting agnostic character history generator that grew beyond the original scope to encompass downtime tales and even an adventure generator. In 2014, Zach drafted his own GM emulator based on years of solo roleplaying experience.

Zach can be found frequently posting at RPG.net as “Ravious”, and he is part of the Lone Wold G+ Community.

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