More Unexpectedlies

There are three blank slots in the standard CRGE “unexpectedly” table. These allow for your favorite RPG’s system to add in flavor. Examples of some systems can be found below. If you come up with some on your own please let me know!

Dungeons & Dragons

18 – random encounter
19 – random trap (or environmental occurrence)
20 – random treasure

I would definitely tie these in to the story as much as possible. A trap could be a sniper’s arrow in town. A treasure could be a noblewoman’s lost purse.

13th Age

18 – positive Icon influence
19 – negative Icon influence
20 – One Unique Thing becomes important

For 18-19, I would use the Icon most prominent in the session. If The Emperor, allied with the characters, gets a lot of rolls, but then 19 is rolled, then somehow The Emperor is displeased or punishes the characters. Perhaps when they killed the goblin tribe the retribution from the goblins spread across the lands.

Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine

18 – Press upon the PC’s Bond.
19 – Press upon the PC’s Affliction.
20 – Gain an Issue or the PC’s Issues become limelit.

The additional unexpectedlies in Chuubo’s might just add flavor. I had an Affliction in one game where “people seem to find my restaurant in bad weather.” If I rolled it in CRGE, that flavor of my affliction would be added to the scene.

Vampire the Requiem, Second Edition

18 – Sunrise – as much as makes sense, the sun is going to become a threat fairly soon. The night is ending. If the night has just started try and keep the theme of “the sun is the Enemy” in mind. Perhaps the location is a bit too open or too far from home.

19 – Owl Sighting – enter the Strix. This should usually be a sighting instead of a conflict. The PC might see a flash of yellow in a Kindred’s eyes at Elysium. The dark recesses of the club might appear to be occupied by a Strix, until investigated. Etc. More overt Strix conflicts and episodes should be from Threads that may be born out of this unexpectedly.

20 – Limelit Aspiration – one of the PC’s aspirations becomes important to the scene.


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