The Tavern

The tavern in fantasy roleplaying games is renowned. It is such an iconic piece that Dungeons & Dragons has its own Random Tavern Generator. I think I will use it for this UNE Example.

The Random Tavern Generator gives me:

Tavern Name: Courageous Jug
Bartender: Male human, 6th-level sorcerer
Interesting Clientele: Soft-spoken traveling monks, a bewildered barbarian.
Rumors Overheard: A nearby kingdom has launched an invasion.
Accommodations: Noble (a large private room with large bed, private bath with hot water on request, snacks on request, and private chamber pot in a separate chamber) for 1 gp/day
Today’s Menu: 
Breakfast: Beef steak, Goose eggs, Soft cheese, Blackberries, Nut bread (cost 1gp).
Lunch: Rabbit stew, Duck eggs, Yams, Raspberries (cost 2gp).
Supper: Pork liver, Taro, Artichoke, Nut bread, Mince pie (cost 2gp).
Snack: Curds, Pear, Sea oats (cost 8sp).

This gives me some context apart from the vanilla Dungeons and Dragons fare. I will first use UNE to roll up the Bartender, whose name is Yentiln Trannyth  using another Dungeons & Dragons generator.

Rolling UNE’s NPC Creator, Yentiln is an Unconcerned Apprentice. As a 6th-level sorceror, clearly Yentiln is not a sorceror apprentice. Given the remaining context, Yentiln is going to be an apprentice bartender, and clearly one that offers poor service at that. Yentiln’s motivations are offend the forsaken, discourage charity, and abuse knowledge.

Anybody really down on their luck that attempts to get Yentiln’s attention for service are going to wish they hadn’t. Yentiln might be down on his luck too, being an apprentice after becoming a 6th-level sorceror. It might be why he refuses tips because he doesn’t want to feel like he is getting handouts. With abuse knowledge, I’m going to say that he overuses magic for his job, perhaps to the degree where weird magical effects begin to occur in the Courageous Jug.

I could just stop there, but I want to know who is cooking the food (and I decide she owns the place too), and the bewildered barbarian character also seems like something to flesh out. I also randomly generate their race and the barbarian’s gender. To speed things up, I am going to give them each one motivation since Yentiln is more the centerpiece of the Courageous Jug.

Landlord Unastina Dagarkin, dwarf – conformist actor who abducts the wealthy – it appears that the landlord of the Courageous Jug is a conartist that targets the wealthy by appearing to be a wealthy individual herself. She stays mostly in the kitchen, with frazzled hair, and full of grease and berry stains so that she is mostly unrecognizable from her other jaunts.

Bewildered Barbarian Alunys Demonhammer, female human barbarian – unreasonable entertainer who determines the government. Alunys is well known for her displays of “art” in the town square. They lie somewhere between ritual animal slaughter, interpretive dance, and a puppet show, and she has been arrested many times. Of course, there is no law that forbade her religious act per se, but now the town government is trying to pass a law that basically targets Alunys directly. She is, of course, fully against such a prejudiced law, but she doesn’t really have the knowledge or intelligence to legally combat it.

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