Brother Mockingbird

In Vampire: The Requiem‘s new version Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle, quite a few interesting vampire domains are detailed. The Mission, the domain surrounding San Francisco and its sprawl, seems to be one of the fan favorites. The conventional ties between the First Estate (Invictus) and the San Francisco controlling Second Estate (Lancea) are unusually weak. The earliest Lancea arriving to pre-San Francisco area were assimilated by the indigenous tribes. Now the “Lancea” in the city follow the Mission. At the center of the Mission is Brother Mockingbird.

Brother Mockingbird has no political power and no religious authority that anyone can point to exactly, but most members of the Lancea et Sanctum within the Mission still know he’s one with whom you do not fuck. There are those who claim he’s older than the Mission itself, but he won’t make such claims. He remains quietly the spiritual center of the secret and unnamed creed at the center of the domain. He’s known for cruel and dangerous pranks made under the guise of “lessons.” Usually, they’re practiced on Kindred who did anything but ask to learn from him.

Those are the only facts. Although, Brother Mockingbird may or may not be the founding Cardinal’s lover, Hummingbird, from a couple hundred years ago.

With Step 0 complete, I am going to roll up the rest of the character piece meal.

“Defective Outlaw” is rolled up first. This seems to really just bolster the paragraph from Blood and Smoke. However, it might cement the fact that Brother Mockingbird doesn’t have any “Status” or connections. He is representative of the Mission, perhaps only in spirit. The clan of Brother Mockingbird is also unknown at this point, but perhaps it is tipping towards Gangrel as the indigenous Kindred so long ago were “capable and powerful apex predators”. I won’t decide that yet, but it gets the idea of a powerful center of a domain away from Ventrue.

The first motivation for Brother Mockingbird is “support science.” In the context of Vampire we have the Ordo Dracul doing vampire science, but I don’t think that’s it. I also think that the idea of stretching science to whatever sorcery the Mission can do (beyond Theban sorcery, perhaps) is too much. For now, I am going to go with a lighter touch. Brother Mockingbird, the ancient Kindred elder, is clearly in touch with the times.

The second motivation is to “form narcissism”. I was thinking Gangrel for the clan above, but this motivation leads right in to Daeva’s territory. They are called the Serpents, and I can envision Brother Mockingbird sitting at the center of the Mission waiting for anyone stupid enough to get near him. He is coiled and patient, and apparently full of himself.

The third motivation is to “execute the elite”. This would help define the targets of his “pranks”. Obviously neonates are too far below him, but any mover and shaker in the Mission is fair game. Move too much near the snake’s domain, and the snake will lash out. There is definitely some power in the Mission to allow for this vampire to continue. If I were to use him in a setting, I would ask “why?”

Perhaps it’s as simple as the power bases of the other sects of Kindred are far too splintered. Brother Mockingbird has shamed an elder, but then the elder has the Circle of the Crone sacrificing humans in your backyard. Perhaps there are Strix involved in Brother Mockingbird’s apparent untouchability. It could also be the reason why there is a documented Hummingbird character in the beginnings of this domain, and there is now a Mockingbird. The Strix aren’t too fond of their Kindred cousins, afterall.


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