More TOSS Examples

Step 1. For the TOSS examples, I will continue using Haytham “Endless Ink” Anas from TOSS. Here is Haytham’s character sheet fromWerewolf: the Apocalypse (20th Anniversary edition).


Step 2. The Waylay I roll in BOLD is “revered enigma”. The most “revered enigma” is probably that the Silent Striders don’t have an umbral homeland, and no ancestor spirit of theirs can be found. While Owl is the tribe’s patron spirit, Haytham has a stronger tie to Cobra.

Alone, Haytham is asking Cobra about the Silent Strider’s problem. This exchange is occurring in the umbral desert surrounding Cairo. Haytham has been run out of the city following the exchange in TOSS.

Step 3. Haytham would offer chiminage to Cobra to set the proper tone. Haytham would ask Cobra about defeating the vampires and retaking the Strider’s homeland. Haytham would interpret Cobra’s ominous and cryptic response.

Step 4. Offering (diff. 6): 1 success. Questioning (diff. 7): 1 success. Interpreting (diff. 8): -2 successes.

Step 5. Haytham completely misinterprets Cobra’s answer.

Step 6: The exchange is fine. Cobra leaves, and Haytham returns to surrounding Cairo. However, Haytham is now on a mission that is completely out-of-line for helping the Silent Strider cause. I have no idea what that is so I roll another Waylay in Bold to get “mundane myth”. Perhaps this is a myth about the pyramids, and Haytham wages war against the vampires that hold the pyramids. It takes significant losses on both sides before Haytham realizes the mistake he made. Cobra is still pleased with the outcome since many vampires were felled.

Zero Dice

Step 2. I decide I like the number 3, and roll three “dice”. I get a sun, a monkey, and a fortuneteller’s glass ball. The sun could be Cairo / Egypt, the opposite of Luna, or something occurring at day (not vampire related). The monkey could be human’s (the werewolves’ “ape”) or Egyptian monkeys, which is interesting because there are no native monkeys in Egypt despite many Ancient Egyptian depictions of baboons, etc. The fortuneteller’s glass ball I’ll just leave as a foretelling.


Putting it together, I think that Haytham believes that bringing Monkey back to some semblance of power in Cairo will strengthen the power of the sun, which would reduce the vampire’s grip on Cairo.

Step 3. Haytham would seek out Monkey in the Umbra. Haytham would destroy any pet trade of monkeys in Cairo. Haytham would seek out an Ancient Egyptian artifact worshipping the power of Monkey.

Step 4. Seeking Monkey (diff. 7): 3 successes. Destroying (diff. 7): 4 successes. Seeking Artifact (diff. 8): -1 successes.

Step 5. The artifact Haytham seeks is in the collection of a Pentex executive, who doesn’t understand the power of the artifact.

Step  6. Haytham believes the artifact is at some corporate baron’s mansion. The mansion is heavily guarded, which is something that Haytham misses during recon. Using stealth and some Gifts, Haytham makes it to the executives private artifact collection, and sets off plenty of alarms that normally wouldn’t exist. Perhaps they were anti-werewolf alarms. The guards who respond are fomori. Luckily, Haytham had a shock troop of werecreatures standing by, including a mokole (since the whole idea of this was to give the sun more power). They absolutely wreck the Pentex executive’s mansion, loot many artifacts that should be in museums, and grab the sun monkey idol.

Rory’s Story Cubes

Step 2. I use the app version of Rory’s Story Cubes, which is a lot less accommodating than having physical dice on hand. 9 dice worth of “situation” is a tad much for me, so when I roll the dice I use the 5 dice closest to the top. I also usually pair the action dice (blue person) to one of the other dice. I’ve rearranged the dice, but the top 5 were randomly rolled and then rearranged according to my thoughts.


Interpreting the dice from what I know of Haytham and Werewolf: the Apocalypse Cairo, I view the first action as Haytham free-running through the city, and he has a view towards the sun (I seem to be rolling many “sun” dice). The arrow I had trouble with until I just viewed it as a symbol for “war”. Given that Haytham’s shtick is the war against the Egyptian vampires, it makes sense.

I think the situation is that Haytham is leading a bunch of vampires on a cat and mouse chase. He is hoping to get them far enough from their havens so that they will be caught with their pants down when the sun comes up.

Step 3. Haytham would use Blur of the Milky Eye to hide from the vampires. He would use streetwise manipulation to keep the vampires angry and chasing him. Haytham would use City Running to make it difficult for the vampires to chase him.

Step 4. I roll 1 success for Blur of the Milky Eye (diff. 8). No successes for streetwise (diff. 6). 7 successes for City Running (diff. 5).

Step 5. The dramatic failure is that Haytham is hiding so well that the vampires are attacking virtually anybody that could be the werewolf.

Step 6. In a doubleback Haytham sees that there is a trail of bodies. The vampires are lashing out wherever they can. Haytham changes tactics. Instead of being the rabbit, he becomes the wolf. Haytham starts small, lashing out from the shadows. He hobbles a few, but continues sending them away from their territory. By the end of the night Haytham has corralled the remaining vampires into a new highrise open to the desert around. He stands on top viewing the pyramids, and then the sun begins to rise.

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