Going Psycho

The theme in roleplaying games can often be black and white. There are games that explore what it is to be a true monster, and this framework would thrive in those games. However, this framework can work in any roleplaying setting. There are three parts to this framework, and at … Continue reading

Ensemble Cast

Playing a solo game with a whole party of PC’s can be quite rewarding. It can also be a headache trying to determine each PC’s action or reaction to the events. The Ensemble Cast CRGE framework still allows for the playing of multiple PC’s in one game, but it splits the focus … Continue reading

More Unexpectedlies

There are three blank slots in the standard CRGE “unexpectedly” table. These allow for your favorite RPG’s system to add in flavor. Examples of some systems can be found below. If you come up with some on your own please let me know! Dungeons & Dragons 18 – random encounter … Continue reading

The Thief’s Night Out

“What do you do that night?” This question is often asked at the table before the GM cuts a scene and says the mighty words “the next day…” In a mechanical sense, players answer the question with adventure preparation or advancement for their PC’s. Polish armor, buy potions, check with … Continue reading