The Thief’s Night Out


“What do you do that night?” This question is often asked at the table before the GM cuts a scene and says the mighty words “the next day…” In a mechanical sense, players answer the question with adventure preparation or advancement for their PC’s. Polish armor, buy potions, check with … Continue reading

The Enemy Modes


Enemies are one of the standards in tabletop roleplaying because the presence of enemies presents conflict. A most  basic enemy is a mechanical affront to a character sheet (i.e., a goblin with a 1d4 dagger). Going upwards from that rock bottom, the enemies will start to try and affect the … Continue reading

Brother Mockingbird


In Vampire: The Requiem‘s new version Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle, quite a few interesting vampire domains are detailed. The Mission, the domain surrounding San Francisco and its sprawl, seems to be one of the fan favorites. The conventional ties between the First Estate (Invictus) and the San Francisco … Continue reading